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Increase membership with event streaming  

With experience and deep knowledge of member-focused initiatives, Falcon is a partner to the association world.

  • Conference content capture
  • Hybrid events
  • Year-round eLearning  
  • Webinar programs

Falcon simplifies the capture and distribution of event-based content to grow your association and generate revenue.

Managed Webinars

Keep the experiential impact, remove the work & stress



Live, VOD, overflow, video transport & everything in between

Content Capture

From 1 stage to 50, recordings delivered in any format or layout


Platform matchmaking

Value-added reselling of leading streaming platforms


Pre, live & post show messaging, year-round & on-brand

Simplify Association media

All content, year-round, 1 vendor


Associations juggle a lot of media projects. Conference recordings, event streaming, webinars, and eLearning (among others) are typically managed by disparate teams within an association and by multiple vendors working for the association.

This creates a disjointed content strategy, which in turn creates a poor membership experience. Layer in different marketing teams and out-of-sync strategies, and one finds a content-rich media channel that is not reaching its full potential.


Falcon provides a single point of contact to associations for all streaming media solutions. Falcon can produce content at events, edit all recordings, setup and manage the various eLearning and webinar platforms, and handle the marketing efforts to maximize ROI.

Instead of wrangling multiple internal and external teams to produce, distribute, and market your association’s content, Falcon can be your 1-stop streaming shop, creating a holistic experience for you and your members.  


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