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Engage your customers,

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A suite of streaming solutions for any brand

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  • Product launches
  • Interactive town halls
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Corporate meetings
  • Learning management systems

Trust our experts to enhance your communications with streaming media, purpose-built platforms, and professional production services. And most importantly, ensure your message has lasting impact with thoughtful strategy that only Falcon delivers.

Managed Webinars

Keep the experiential impact, remove the work & stress



Live, VOD, overflow, video transport & everything in between

Video Conferencing

No onsite speaker? No problem! Solutions for far-end presentations


Platform matchmaking

Value-added reselling of leading streaming platforms

Content Creation

Site enhancements with copy, graphics & eLearning content

Make a splash with online video

Increase your impact, decrease your headcount


Companies have an ever increasing need to leverage rich media content. Engaging internal and external customers with streaming video is a proven method for boosting both attention and retention. 

But generating content is expensive and time-consuming. Plus, if the delivery of your video fails, it can be very embarrassing for the brand. Hiring new employees to oversee the production and distribution of your streaming content is an option, but it carries cost and risk. Will your media department have the relevant skills to execute on your vision?    


Falcon provides streaming solutions specific to the corporate workflow. Whether it’s producing a quarterly town hall, a product launch, or spinning up an eLearning platform, your streaming needs may be sporadic or frequent.

Falcon is your outsourced partner for high-quality and dependable streaming solutions. You can use us only as needed, and keep your headcount and costs low. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the solution is secure, reliable, and built on modern technology. Achieve greater ROI for your corporation with Falcon.


Solutions that engage internal and external customers


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