Let’s take this show on the road…

and online!

Maximize the experience with an online component

Falcon provides streaming solutions for entertainment events that incite buzz beyond the venue.

  • Concerts 
  • Festivals
  • Award ceremonies
  • Comedy shows

Don’t settle for only onsite ticket revenue; extend the event to offsite attendees to obtain a bigger audience and greater return on your investment. 

Ad Design

Purpose-built ads designed to put eyeballs on content



Live, VOD, overflow, video transport & everything in between


Management of posts, streaming & advertising on all social platforms


Platform matchmaking

Value-added reselling of leading streaming platforms


Pre, live & post show messaging, year-round & on-brand

Beyond the walls

Partner with a team dedicated to the online experience


Event organizers have a lot to focus on when producing entertainment.  The AV, security, first aid, registration, and every other aspect of the onsite experience require dedicated teams concentrating on their area of expertise.

When the decision is made to stream the event, who focuses on that? Usually, it’s the AV provider who will send the stream out. But far too often the marketing efforts and user experience are overlooked. Further, if the stream has an eCommerce component, the need for customer service and a robust platform manager must be part of the overall event strategy. 


Falcon is 100% dedicated to your online attendees, from the onsite production that ensures your content is encoded at optimal quality, to managing the platform and user interface that provides a seamless hybrid experience.

What Falcon provides to the event organizer is a new expert on their team, from pre- to post-show. Falcon handles the marketing design and automation, turn-key eCommerce-based streaming platforms, and most importantly, a return on your streaming investment.  Whether the goal is views, shares, or revenue, Falcon will deploy techniques that generate a global buzz around your online event.


Solutions that engage internal and external customers


Solutions for streaming to members and beyond



Solutions that extend the experience


Solutions that increase and energize spectators 

Houses of Worship

Solutions that touch more lives


Solutions that connect your community 

AV Partners

Solutions for equipment and labor resources

Platform Partners

Solutions for onsite content production 

Agency Partners

Solutions for streaming vendor relationships