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The hunger for online video is voracious. Companies must essentially turn themselves into broadcast networks. Organizations need to pump out video content almost daily in order to retain the attention of audiences. In fact, a third of all online activity is spent watching video. No wonder a top branding strategy for modern business requires resource allocation to go to content creation and it’s no coincidence that event streaming is the new frontier.

Last year, the growing trend in video adoption was observable. 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool—up from 63% over the year before. It’s clear that rich video content is serving a vital role in every organization’s content strategy.   

The reason for the increase in the business world is mainly efficiency. Whether its purpose is marketing, instructional, entertainment, or community outreach, streaming video helps viewers obtain information faster, while retaining the information more effectively. Video just works, both for brands wanting to disseminate their message and for viewers consuming the message in streaming format. Thus, all indicators point to an incline in video production, distribution, and consumption.

Event Content is Powerful

As brands race to generate massive amounts of video, one genre that has proven to be extremely engaging is event-based content. Streaming content derived from a live event—conferences, webinars, corporate meetings, sports, etc.—is powerful for a number of reasons:

  • The content is always fresh and topical. Events, by their very nature, are current or recent. And with the insatiable appetite for new video, event streaming fills this need for consumers.  
  • Events are experiential. Event content goes far beyond a basic marketing video; both physical and virtual audiences experience the event at the same time, using multiple senses, creating memorable impressions.
  • Events usually have a learning component. Audience members are gaining new information from an event, which gives them new insights, knowledge, and perspectives.
  • Leveraging event-based content is efficient. An event organizer is already spending thousands of dollars producing an event. Why not repurpose the live or on-demand content derived from the event for an online audience?
  • Events are exciting! A venue filled with thousands of people creates an undeniable buzz; and for the viewers at home the buzz is palpable online too, which makes the content particularly powerful.

The rise in online video and the power of event content go hand-in-hand. Consumers want to watch more video, and events generate powerful video content. The market awaits an explosion in event-based streaming content.    

Event Streaming Opportunities

While the demand for event streaming is growing, producing and distributing content has remained challenging.

  • Vendor Challenges: There are so many platforms and products for the event streaming industry, event organizers often feel overwhelmed which causes them to choose their technology poorly. Furthermore, not only are there too many streaming platforms on the market to keep up with, the technology is changing with excessive speed.
  • Production Challenges: The event streaming production market is lacking focus. Today, AV companies, streaming platform companies, and event agencies compete for a piece of the streaming production market. Typically, these operations treat the streaming aspect as an after thought because that is not where they carry a lot of expertise.
  • Marketing Challenges: Event organizers spend excessive sums of money on production and distribution technologies when streaming an event, and oftentimes they are disappointed in the lack of viewership and ROI. While there are many agencies that focus on audience acquisition for physical events, there are very few agencies that focus on marketing and strategy services for the event streaming industry.

Falcon Events provides a new solution for event streaming, one that simplifies the effort of hosting an online event, while maximizing viewers and ROI. Event organizers can now partner with a single vendor who can provide production resources onsite, platform technologies that are ideal for their use case, and strategy services for marketing their event content to a global audience.  

As veterans in a relatively new industry, we view Falcon’s new model as something that is sorely needed in the event streaming space. And we are excited to partner with you on solutions that push your strategy forward.

Bill Mott | CEO, Falcon Events


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