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Sports require spectators,

otherwise it’s just exercise

Audiences love to stream live competitive events

In the past only pros or D-1 colleges enjoyed global exposure through broadcasting. However, recent efficiencies in streaming technology have popularized new competitive events and athletic levels.

  • Pub sports (darts, billiards, cornhole)
  • Field sports (cricket, soccer, archery)
  • Mind games (chess, eSports, pokémon)
  • Martial arts (boxing, jiu-jitsu, MMA)
  • Youth Sports (middle & high school, club teams) 

The list goes on. For every sport, there’s an audience of fans that Falcon helps you reach with innovative streaming solutions.



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Falcon is on your team


Sporting events are very diverse and tricky to produce.  Some games can be streamed with a small amount of equipment and labor; while other games span vast distances and require a large team to install and produce.  Building the best production infrastructure and workflow is vital, as consumers demand high quality content.

Beyond production, finding the right platform as well as marketing the sporting event are also complex tasks.  Depending on what platform features you need (e.g., subscriptions, eCommerce, DVR, etc), finding the right technology for your audience can be daunting.  And ultimately, someone has to market the event to drive audience and ROI.  


Falcon is on your team when it comes to streaming your sporting event. We bring innovative techniques, the latest hardware, and trained technicians to capture the event in the most intimate way possible.  Even if the shot calls for a drone, motorized vehicle, or permanently installed equipment Falcon has the know-how to produce your live sporting event.

Falcon’s work does not stop at producing your sports content.  We ensure the distribution is flawless by leveraging the best video platform for your use-case. And finally, we help you acquire your sports audience by using the latest web marketing tactics.  Falcon turn-keys sports content, so you can focus on winning. 


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