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No Strategy, No Audience.

Increase views, deepen impact, and maximize ROI. 


Helping you reach the web AND an audience 

Before we hit the “GO LIVE” button, there are many questions worth asking in order to maximize returns and viewers.

  • Who is our target audience, and how should we market to them? How much should we spend on marketing? 
  • What is the scope of the production? Are we producing enough content, or too much? Are there ADA video requirements we should consider?
  • How much should we charge for content? Should we schedule pricing fluctuations, or create product bundles? What about sponsors or ads? 
  • Any calls-to-action following the stream that we should implement?  How about a poll, survey, or learning assessment?

The point of asking such questions, among others, is to ultimately make your online event a success. Falcon does not consider an activation successful simply because content reaches the web. Success is attained only when a positive ROI is achieved.


Purpose-built ads designed to put eyeballs on content

You’ve decided that advertising your stream is worthwhile, but who’s going to design all the ads?

Falcon offers copywriting, graphic design, and video production services that result in inspiring ads that engage audiences with your event.

Native ads for virtually every platform are designed in adherence to your brand guidelines—swiftly and cost-effectively:


  • Social platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, etc)
  • Google ads
  • Tiles & banners
  • Motion graphics & video
  • Email copy & design


Leverage search, social, web & print with experienced marketers

The purchase and management of web ads can be a time-consuming effort.  One has to stay on top of assessing the effectiveness of ad-spend and regularly make purchase adjustments over an extended period of time.

Falcon offloads all this work.

Our easy-to-understand advertising packages, include ad-spend and the ongoing management of placing such ads across a plethora of advertising channels. We will then report back on what ads are working, what ads aren’t, and what adjustments we recommend concerning the purchase and placement of future ads.

Falcon makes the advertising of your online event a simple cost-benefit equation. Spend a little up front, and reap returns at the end—we’ll do all the work in the middle.


Crush the social content game

Social platforms have increasingly become an effective channel for streaming content and engaging with your audience. And the algorithms built into social technology are very effective at obtaining large view-counts.

The only problem is that working within social networks is labor intensive.  Many large organizations are hiring dedicated social media managers to take on time-consuming tasks; but what if you don’t want to invest in additional head count?

Falcon can offload the effort of managing your social media strategy and implement streaming media instances on your behalf.

  • Ad Design
  • Content creation
  • Livestreaming
  • Ad purchasing
  • Posting (w/ client approval)

We can’t neglect social media as a viable distribution channel. Falcon can help with tried-and-true practices that yield results.


Pre-, live, and post-show marketing strategies

“Marketing campaigns” are typically defined as advertising through different types of media. But what about ads that target different points in time and different personas? At Falcon, we expand the concept of a campaign to ensure your marketing efforts reach the right consumer via the right channel, at the right point in time.

For example, there is a pre-show marketing strategy that focuses on the value of streaming to non-attendees. And, when the event is over, a separate marketing effort must target attendees with incentives for on-demand access to what they missed or want to re-watch. And lest we forget about the year-round strategy of trickling out content to keep all users engaged 365.

Falcon can distill down the many marketing channels, audience types, and timelines into logical campaigns. And we can go further by conducting the campaigns, offloading work from your existing marketing resources. It’s the perfect solution when you want someone else to build and deploy, while you enjoy the return.



Modern technology for audience acquisition

Falcon provides retargeting platforms and best practices to grow your online event year over year.

Over time, we can determine what type of user clicks on a certain ad and ultimately watches your streaming content. From there, Falcon will identify trends in personas and consumption, which will allow the creation of future marketing routines to funnel the right viewer into the right content.

Many retail and service industries are using marketing automation technology to more efficiently sell to consumers. It’s time to treat your streaming content as a valuable product, worthy of martech investments that have proven results.


Bring us your problems, we’ll build solutions

When we mention innovation, customers often think of drones, VR, or set-top (OTT) devices as new methods for distributing content. And while we certainly innovate in these new and exciting mediums, we can go far beyond the flashy, futuristic realm.

With regular advances in streaming technology, old problems are finding new solutions. Whether it’s a stream delay, bandwidth constraint, turn-around time, or hardware limitation, there are new technologies emerging that solve decade-old problems and bring forth faster, higher-quality, and more engaging content to end-users.

Falcon loves to be challenged, it’s in our DNA. We look forward to innovating solutions for you, while delighting your audience. 


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