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What to Expect on a Virtual Tech Check

by | Jul 27, 2021 | News

For the average professional, doing a virtual presentation is a bit daunting. That’s why doing a virtual tech check is so important. We’ve seen highly educated professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and even rocket scientists deliver informational lectures from their home or office. Even though many AV technicians can’t match the level of education required to be successful at these jobs, we often take for granted that we are experts at producing high quality events for such presenters to display their mental prowess

If you’re a brain surgeon, you’ve spent a lot of time learning your skill. In fact, you’re probably constantly updating your mental library with ever-changing knowledge. It’s easy to understand that you don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology of the event-streaming industry; and that’s perfectly OK. It’s safe to say that we’d prefer you to handle surgery while we keep honing and evolving our skills to make you look good.

At Falcon, we make sure that you have peace of mind when presenting and we go above-and-beyond to ensure it. When you sign up to speak at an event, we’ll meet with you beforehand to make sure all of the settings on your device are optimized and all your questions are answered. We call this a “Tech Check.”


Once you call into your virtual tech check, typically on Zoom, we’ll start with a quick explanation of the platform and the purpose of the tech check. If you will be pre-recording your presentation, we’ll tell you what date we need the recording back and also about our video edit process. Falcon may also provide a managed pre-record process, which we can discuss too. If you are presenting live on the day of show, we’ll explain how that process works as well – usually involving a link to a “back stage” area with the moderator and other presenters, where the live technical producer will make sure everyone knows when they are going live.


Next, the tech check representative will go over the video settings on the platform for the event. Zoom tends to be the most used platform. We’ll walk you through the settings so you can make sure HD is enabled, participant name displays are turned off, and non-video participants are hidden. The lighting of your room, your background, and the placement of your camera will be examined here so we can help you make adjustments well before your presentation. We’ll even show you how to touch-up your appearance. I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get in that department.


Whether you want to use headphones with a mic or your built in speakers and microphone, our tech check representative will make sure you are heard loud and clear. We will help you test your mic and speakers, and give you pointers to make the experience the best it can be for you and your audience. We also recommend being wired-in because Bluetooth headphones, like AirPods, can potentially cause a lag. 


Not all sessions require recording, but if yours does, we’ll make sure that you make note of the recording location, that you optimize the recording for post-show editing, and that you place your speaker video next to your shared screen. It sounds like a lot, but once we walk you through it, it becomes surprisingly easy.

Screen Sharing

Hopefully, you’ve already created your presentation by now; but if you haven’t, no worries. We can still go through the screen sharing process. Our technicians will teach you how to have your presentation ready, and then the simple process of actually sharing. Our live production technician will also double check your sharing-ability the day of show. The technician will also make sure you run through every slide to make sure all audio, video, or animations are working perfectly.


The last thing we do is check your internet connection. Do you have kids playing on the Xbox in the living room? Are you on WIFI? Do you have 50 random tabs open because you decided to go down a rabbit hole of research on iguanas last night? Our tech will give you advice on how to avoid any potential glitches or disconnections during your event.   

We put the friendliest Falcons on our virtual tech check team. They understand that many of our presenters come here with little-to-no experience in streaming and they want you to leave the meeting feeling confident in your future experience. Do not hesitate to ask them questions or clarify anything you might not understand. During tech checks and presentations, you are our main focus.


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