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Agency Partners

A dependable production arm,

ready to lend a hand

Streaming resources for agencies and planners

Event agencies, organizers, and planners have an ally in Falcon as a reliable streaming vendor. We execute on the cutting-edge vision you’ve presented to your client, and provide the “wow” factor that only live, engaging video delivers.

Bring us onboard when you need us for pre-, onsite, or post-production. We are eager to contribute stunning event content to your client’s streaming project.

Content Capture

From 1 stage to 50, recordings delivered in any format or layout



Live, VOD, overflow, video transport & everything in between

Post Production

Trims, edits, color correction, audio clean-up, repairs & more


platform matchmaking

Value-added reselling of leading streaming platforms

Content Creation

Site enhancements with copy, graphics & eLearning content

We see your vision

A lockstep partnership

built for success 


Agencies and organizers leverage creative skills to help their clients envision an event that is futuristic and compelling; and streaming video increasingly plays a part in this vision, promoting action and excitement for the audience.

But producing high-quality streaming content is labor and technology intensive; agencies need a solid partner who can deliver on the proposed scope. While agencies constantly push the envelope for what is possible in the world of event activations, there is a vital need for a vendor who is in lockstep with the ambition and is just as excited to push the event forward.    


Falcon has deep roots in the event agency space, and is always excited to innovate new and experimental streaming activations. We welcome fresh ideas to which we can apply our production resources that ultimately create something amazing.

Onsite labor, equipment, platforms, editing, and much more are services Falcon contributes to agency projects. We are flexible regarding who invoices who, and we are willing to white-label our services. Consider Falcon as a new production arm to your overall agency.  We provide confidence for the agency to innovate unrestricted and deliver solutions on the cutting-edge. 



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Solutions for streaming to members and beyond



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Solutions that increase and energize spectators 

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Solutions that touch more lives


Solutions that connect your community 

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