Platforms that complement your unique event

Audiences, content, and budgets vary wildly across endless event types. Falcon celebrates diverse use-cases by offering an in-house Digital Event Experience that is both flexible and cost-effective.

Additionally, we are consultative brokers of all other virtual event platforms available on the market today; and we can resell, launch, and manage any digital environment that is perfect for your event.

Tailored Solutions


Our budget-friendly platform stands apart from the crowded field of templated, off-the-shelf solutions. Falcon instead brings together best-in-breed engagement, registration, and streaming technology solutions to your online event. The result is a tailored experience designed specifically for your audience and event.

Value-Added Solutions


There are so many platforms for the streaming industry—hundreds by our count—and a new one pops up seemingly every day. It’s hard to keep up. Luckily, Falcon can point you in the right direction. With decades of experience building, and managing the vast majority of streaming platforms on the market, we’ve become experts in advanced features and are able to adapt your needs efficiently to the best product.

• Sponsorships & eCommerce
• Continuing education & eLearning
• Virtual conferences
• Viewer engagement tools
• Enterprise security
• Data & analytics
• OTT solutions & much more

Migrate, Integrate, Configure


Platform Migrations:
This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve been streaming content to your audience for years, but now your platform isn’t keeping up.
You’ve found your next-gen streaming platform, but what about your legacy content, users, and data?

Falcon provides migration services for moving archived media and data from one platform to another. No need to let the migration effort be a barrier to entry into the next best thing for your organization.
Imagine your new streaming platform perfectly setup with purchase history, viewer analytics, and archival footage, migrated from your old system… seamlessly.

Solid integrations are invaluable for all stakeholders. For users, providing a Single Sign-on (SSO) option allows them to forego creating a new username and password.

For the platform owner, writing streaming analytics back to a CRM provides actionable insights that raise the value of your technology investment.

However, integrations can be messy. Coordinating multiple vendors working together with disparate technologies is a task for which few people have the patience.

We manage all vendors, and we ensure success for your end-users and data goals. And Falcon monitors your integration year-round, notifying the proper vendor when an update or patch is needed.

An integration can be complicated - Falcon keeps it simple.

You’ve been handed the keys to your new streaming platform by the manufacture. Now What? Who’s going to build out the platform with content and ensure all setting are perfectly configured?

Many platform makers do not offer services for configuring their product for new customers. Yet, it’s intimidating for customers to deploy a complex streaming platform from scratch. That’s where Falcon comes in.

We take the daunting task of uploading thousands of assets to a streaming platform, configuring it to meet a complex use-case, and applying strict quality control practices to ensure your new platform works exactly the way it should. And we perform such tasks affordably and expeditiously.
Take the work and stress out of launching a complicated new platform by relying on the skills of Falcon to guarantee a smooth and flawless activation.

Platform Training


When an instruction manual or message board is not good enough. Falcon provides personalized platform training for individuals and teams.

Don’t use 50% of your streaming platform just because the rest doesn’t make sense. Falcon takes pride in empowering new administrators with the knowledge and support they need to maximize their platform investment.

Whether it’s a single in-depth platform demo, ongoing training sessions with multiple team members, or a support plan in which we are simply a phone call away, we are here to provide real-person answers in real-time.
Let’s get you comfortable. We are happy to help!