A digital-first style that compels all audiences

Virtual or hybrid. Online or onsite. Falcon’s AV team is ready for your event, 24/7.



The new era of streaming production requires a next-level skill set, which combines traditional A/V disciplines with new skills related to web development and IP networking. Falcon hires seasoned A/V techs and trains them in best practices of streaming production. All onsite specialists have hands-on experience with software, hardware, and platforms standard to the streaming industry.

Often, Falcon specialists are brought in to oversee complex jobs using new protocols:

• Low-latency & peer-to-peer
• Simulive & VOD workflows
• VLAN overflow streaming
• VR 360 and much more

Falcon will ensure your onsite video streams get to where they need to go, reliably and with the utmost quality.

Content Capture


The margin for error is non-existent; you’ve only got 1 shot to capture your event. If the recording fails, it’s gone forever. Falcon has pioneered managing multi-room events with efficiency and reliability. We’ve captured thousands of events ranging from a few concurrent breakouts to 100+ simultaneous rooms over multiple days. And we can execute with the smallest labor teams to save you money. Our in-house processes have been perfected over decades.

Recordings can feature audio-only, audio w/ graphics, or audio with graphics & camera in a branded Picture-in-Picture layout. All graphics are recorded as full-frame rate video, which includes mouse movements, animations, and embedded videos. At Falcon, we don’t consider a 99% success-rate as “good enough.” Every recording delivered in accordance to spec and fully intact is the only acceptable product we stand behind.

Remote Presentations


Bi-directional HD video has many uses at events. A few examples we’ve seen: remote presentations when a speaker can’t travel onsite, interactive surgical broadcasts at medical meetings, and global town halls where multiple branches communicate in real-time.

Regardless of the use-case, the need for coordination, quality, and reliability remains constant when deploying a remote presentation.

Falcon’s remote presentation proficiency is backed by years of experience in facilitating 2-way video solutions for many global events. We provide site visits to assess venue capabilities, coordinate with disparate participants and production teams, and assure flawless transmission with trained labor using the latest technology.

Whether transmitting via web browser, h.323, fiber, or satellite, Falcon can provide video conferencing solutions for any event.

Managed Webinars


Webinars may appear easy to produce, and they’re typically marketed as such. But we have all cringed at the crash and burn of a webinar, usually caused by gaps in technology, training, or configuration.

LIVE production is a risky endeavor for any organization; it’s best to offload the risk to a trained professional. Falcon takes the stress and work out of a webinar production by providing oversight and management, allowing you to focus on the content and delivery.

Managed Webinar services include:
• Consultative platform matchmaking
• Configuration
• Slide enhancements
• Moderation
• MC roles
• End-user tech support
• Reporting and analysis

Captioning and Interpretation


Falcon provides both real-time and post-event captioning services for streaming content. In-player or widget-based approaches layer captions into your video to accommodate all users and compliance requirements.

AI-based captions provide cost-effective solutions on a large scale. Or, human transcriptionists provide 100% accuracy for perfected captioning needs.

Falcon also provides numerous interpretation solutions, based on requirement and budget.

• Audio or text
• AI or human
• External widget or within video

Additionally, multi-lingual copy is integrated into the webpages of your virtual event platform. Falcon makes it easy to implement foreign languages into your event content.

Talent Support


Efficient 1-on-1 meetings put your VIP presenters at ease. Thanks to Falcon’s pre-show processes, technical issues are addressed well before the event begins.

Our Talent Support Team provides the following services, among others:

• Refine remote computer setups
• Optimize AV configurations
• Advice on lighting and audio techniques
• Share bandwidth management tips
• Offer tricks for minimizing distractions
• Cover screen sharing and recording steps


Pristine and Pain-Free

Falcon streamlines the complicated coordination process of capturing pre-recorded presentations so that you can take care of other priorities.

What we do:
• Facilitate presenter scheduling across time zones
• Add TV-quality live edits and on-screen graphics
• Manage, organize, and execute all media at scale

Core A/V Services

Innovative audiovisual production with a digital focus

Falcon has a keen understanding of what it takes to create a successful digital event. A key ingredient is high-quality A/V.

Falcon defines “Core A/V” as:
• Audio
• Lighting
• Video cameras & switchers
• Projectors & LED walls

The challenge for the modern event organizer is finding an onsite A/V vendor that also understands the digital world.

Fortunately, Falcon is your one-stop shop for Digital and A/V. Immerse your audience in a branded physical environment that complements your digital platform, and empower meaningful connections across all locations.

Post Production


When the show is over, you're eager to quickly post your content online. That’s why Falcon delivers editing services FAST! Onsite or next-day edits are possible when you are working with the fastest animal on earth (source)!

Whether your editing job consists of a 1-hour keynote or 500 hours of conference footage, we strive to deliver speed, perfection, and affordable rates.

Falcon provides the entire spectrum of editing services for event based content:

• Quick-trims
• ISO PiP compositions
• Audio repair
• Slide insertions
• Advanced edits & effects
• Timing files
...and much more!