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event production pro tips

Highlights: How To Train Your Speaker

Watch this brief highlight reel of production pro tips for engaging audiences both in-person and online.
event production pro tips

Highlights: Is Your Event Recession Ready?

Preview this deep dive session with 4 industry experts providing guidance on how to manage your events during a recession.

Highlights: Breakouts, Breakouts, Breakouts

Here's a taste of Breakouts, Breakouts, Breakouts hosted by Joshua Butler and Bill Mott. Reinvent your breakout sessions while saving valuable production dollars with these experts tips.

Highlights: The Hybrid Games

Get a quick overview of The Hybrid Games session hosted by Joshua Butler and Katie Rose Crosswhite. These professional gaming experiences are transforming traditional hybrid events.

Event Production Pro Tips: The Hybrid Games

Learn how you can connect your online and onsite audiences in highly interactive experiences. Designed to be industry-specific and knowledge based, and still a lot of fun!
February 8, 2023

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