May 31, 2022

Video Conference with Virtual Confidence: 8 Tips and Tricks for Remote Presenters

Video Conference with Virtual Confidence: 8 Tips and Tricks for Remote Presenters

Maybe this is your first time presenting in virtual. Maybe you’ve presented remotely before, but it didn’t go so great. Maybe you’re a seasoned pro, but you think there’s always room for improvement. Whatever the case may be, check out this list of tips for remote presenters that will help you deliver your message flawlessly.

Tip 1: Have good lighting, background, and camera placement

The most important aspect of lighting when streaming from your computer is eliminating face shadows. Always make sure you have coverage over the front of your face, and ensure minimal or moderate light coming from behind you (such as a window). Try to avoid bright white lights too.

You can choose a virtual background if your computer meets the requirements, but if you want something more natural and realistic, just make sure your background is clean. Keep clutter out of the picture and focus on the aesthetic. Plants, wall art, curtains, and anything that shows off your personality make for great natural backgrounds.

Camera placement seems like a given, but you’d be surprised how many presenters cut off their chin or the top of their head. Make sure you have a little space above and below your entire head. This might require moving the camera or moving yourself to adjust.

Lastly, position the camera high, pointing down at your face, which is the most flattering position.  Don’t position the camera low, shooting up your nose; no need to accentuate your otherwise non-existent double chin.

Tip 2: Eyes toward camera, speak clearly (not too soft, not too loud)

It’s unfortunately very easy to let your eyes wander in a virtual presentation. You might be looking at your slides, or maybe you are keeping your eyes on the clock to make sure you don’t go over the allotted time. However, your audience is watching you, and to be engaging you’ll want to do your best to make it appear that you are watching them in return.

USB Webcam technology has come a long way in the past decade and most of them have built in microphones that work great. If you choose to use an external webcam, make sure that you are able to be heard (and seen) loud and clear. The pre-show tech check is great for analyzing your camera’s capability. If that doesn’t work as well, consider getting a headset with a microphone that you can speak into directly.

Tip 3: Tech Check yourself

Once you go through a pre-show tech check, you should be very familiar with the capabilities and settings of your device’s audio and video hardware. You should go back and reference our blog about tech checks to refresh your approach. Practice makes perfect, and repetition will build confidence.

Most platforms have a setting where you can independently check your audio and video feed. This is one of the easier tips for remote presenters and is an additional layer of protection that is quick and easy to perform, before signing into your show.

Tip 4: Ask questions before showtime, moderators and technicians can help

If you are unclear about anything, do not hesitate to ask the production team. Whether it be during the pre-show tech check or the back stage banter. The technicians are there to provide the best show possible and to make you look good. They have an extensive base of knowledge and will be happy to provide help to make sure you are presenting with confidence.

Tip 5: Smile, relax, and don’t forget about the audience

Remember the audience? Imagine that you are teaching in front of a class of in-person students. Make sure to greet them in the same manner. This is so much easier to do when you are presenting in person. So in a virtual environment, don’t be afraid to project your natural and authentic self.

Tip 6: Real life interruptions happen, roll with it

If your dog comes into the room, give it a treat and introduce it to the audience. If your cat climbs on your keyboard, make a joke about how demanding cats are. If your kids burst through the door playing cops and robbers, go ahead and point that finger gun at them and play along. Not only will audiences find these things to be adorable and funny, but it will keep you from panicking.

Whatever interruptions you face, just know the audience can tell if it throws you off course. Don’t let it. We know it is easier said than done, but remember, if you own the interruption with grace, you will be humanized in the eyes of the audience.

Tip 7: If there’s a problem, trust your technical team

This is one of the tips for remote presenters that we can’t stress enough. Murphy’s law is a real thing and problems arise for everyone. Don’t worry, your technician is there to figure out a solution. If it happens before the show, your technicians can help you through the process of fixing it. If it happens during the show, we can throw up a “technical difficulties” slide and get it solved without having to sacrifice the quality of your presentation.  

But above all, don’t panic.  The issue may be resolved in seconds.  It would be a shame for your vibe to be killed for the remainder of the presentation over something trivial.

Tip 8: Use Falcon Events and you won’t have to worry about anything

Falcon Events is the industry leader and has the most experience in streaming virtual and hybrid events. If you want to present with confidence, let us be your solution.

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