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“Fake it ‘Til You Make it” is Garbage Advice

When people tell you not to trust everything you read on the internet, listen to them. There are many self-proclaimed inspirational internet gurus (e.g., “vendors”) out there following the notion of “fake it ’til you make it." That attitude couldn’t be more toxic to...

What to Expect on a Virtual Tech Check

For the average professional, doing a virtual presentation is a bit daunting. That's why doing a virtual tech check is so important. We've seen highly educated professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and even rocket scientists deliver informational lectures from...

The Seven Best Video Conferencing Platforms

The Seven Best Video Conferencing Platforms

There was a time when video conferencing platforms were a dream of the future, much like light sabers, droids, and flying cars. As we inch closer to the technology of Star Wars, Terminator, and The Jetsons, video conferencing has almost become old news. With a wealth...

Why Virtual and Hybrid Events are Here to Stay

They say “necessity is the mother of invention,” and Falcon Events was born out of this logic. COVID-19 almost caused industries that thrive on in-person engagement to buckle. Thanks to innovative solutions and video conferencing technology; conferences, festivals,...

Furloughed Workers Soar Again with Falcon Events

During a time when many American companies are shrinking or shuttering, tech-service company Falcon Events (3001 Gateway Drive, Suite 130, Irving, TX), a complete solution for event streaming, has been expanding, hiring out-of-work professionals into a futuristic...

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